Question: What is auto detailing?

Answer: A special process which consist in the use of professional compound and waxes for the exterior and with shampoos and conditioners for the interior. This process will give you a new car feeling again.
Question: I have some scratches in my car. Will they come out?

Answer: Refer to PAINT CONDITIONS link to determine the type of scratches on your vehicle.
Question: How long does it take to detail my vehicle?

Answer: It usually takes 2 hours for a full detail, generally a little longer for larger vehicles.
Question: Will my car be as clean as it will be if I took it to a car wash?

Answer: No! It will be 10 times better!!
All of our work is done by hand by professionally trained detailers using the top of the line products which will leave your vehicle in prestine condition.
Question: What happens if the weather is bad that day?

Answer: We will give you a call in the morning, and reschedule your appointment.